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Hi there! I´m Juan Antonio. I studied Teleco Engineering, you know… a lot of stuff about electro waves, radiation, networks, physics. It had some programming and one day, just by chance, I started to work as a software developer. I´m really glad that it happened. I was really lucky, I started in a company that takes a lot of care to software quality, I was surrounded by great colleagues and I could learn a lot from them.

It all turned me into a passionate developer, I like my job, I like learning and sharing. I´m interested in clean code, software design, cutting-edge technologies, anything that keeps the car running. I love .Net but I´m trying to make it with JS, everybody deserves an opportunity.

I like learning from others, I like sharing what I learn. I started this blog because I miss my Agresso colleagues, talking about code with them. This blog could make it feel closer with them.

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I hope you like the content on this blog. I will talk about my findings, new experiences at work, tools, conferences, workshops,… bearing one thing in mind, always providing my personal opinion.

Please write me or contact me, any feedback is more than welcome.

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